From recipe development to editorial work to creative nonfiction, the only thing I love more than food is writing about food.

Recipe Development

My background in both cooking and baking means that I understand the science behind what makes a recipe work. My experience in health-supportive cuisine means that I can adapt a recipe to fit a particular dietary need. I’m comfortable creating a wide range of both savory and sweet recipes with specialty focus, such as gluten free, vegan, dairy free, paleo, Whole 30 and FODMAP. All recipes I develop are extensively tested for ease and adaptability. And because I am passionate about offering all people accessibility in the kitchen, my instructions are clear and approachable.


In my editorial pieces, I want the reader to learn something new and fascinating about food and our world. My writing centers on characters, and that character could be a person growing, producing or cooking food– or even the food itself. I seek to provide context and history through storytelling, and I love talking to people about what they’re passionate about. I show readers why they should care about how their food is grown, processed and consumed.

Creative Writing

How do the smells that surround us affect our daily moods? Why is the restaurant industry being squeezed from all sides, and who is to blame for this mess? What does my grandfather’s cooking philosophy have to teach us today? I explore all of these topics and more in my creative nonfiction, melding literary style with factual narrative.



I’m active on Instagram. Come say hi and see what recipes I’m working on at the moment.