I currently offer virtual and in-person cooking classes to groups and individuals. 


My cooking classes are the perfect gift!



Demo only:

A dish or a technique is demoed by me. Recipes are provided for all dishes prepared. Folks are encouraged to ask questions and chat with me as I demo.



A dish or a technique is demoed by me and followed along by folks at home. Recipes and grocery lists are provided a week before the class.


Demo-only: a dish (or a whole meal!) is prepared by me, as guests watch and eat. I narrate the whole experience as I’m cooking, and provide recipes for all dishes prepared for folks to take home. Complimentary wine and non-alcoholic beverages are served at this class. This class can take place in a person’s home.

Hands-on (meal): as the title implies, class participants will get their hands dirty as we walk through a particular dish together. For small groups (four people or fewer), this class can be taught in a person’s house. For larger groups, a commercial kitchen space is rented. Recipes are provided for folks to take home with them. Complimentary wine and non-alcoholic beverages are served at the end of the class, as we enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Hands-on (basics): basic culinary techniques such as knife skills or pie dough are taught at a person’s home. Recipes and/or diagrams are provided for folks to take home. No refreshments are served at this class.

Hands-on (team-building exercises): perfect for corporate clients looking to foster communication and fun! The group is divided into teams and each team is given a recipe or a technique to accomplish. The teams compete against the clock and each other to see who can turn out the best possible dish, with a few unexpected twists thrown into the competition to keep things extra fun. I supervise and give advice to the teams as they work, and the results are judged by a neutral third party. Complimentary refreshments are enjoyed after the competition, and prizes are awarded– not just for the winners but also for stand-out participants!



Read testimonials from my previous cooking class participants.

COOK Classes led by Sara May were always a hit! Sara’s passion for cooking, combined with her genuine love of sharing that passion with our guests, always made for a memorable class. A natural teacher who always made everyone feel like they could recreate the meal the moment they got home.

Michelle Flisek

Executive Director, Audrey Claire COOK

Sara May was an incredible instructor for a virtual event in partnership with the Pride employee network group at my company. While some folks struggle to teach and interact in a virtual environment, Sara was able to keep us engaged and on track by going through each step in detail, bringing in fun facts about the science behind the treats we were baking, and creating a recipe that could work for anyone, despite a lack of kitchen skills or equipment. This was one of the most successful virtual events our company has hosted during the pandemic – I would recommend Sara May’s virtual classes to anyone!
Amanda Laskey

Manager, Credits, Incentives and Methods, RSM US LLP

Sara May is one of my personal favorite bakers and teachers. I have had the great honor to works alongside Sara before Philadelphia lost her to the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York. Sara does a beautiful job of embracing seasonal ingredients, showcasing technical skill and sheer creativity. Sara’s food feels sophisticated while remaining unintimidating.

Drew Alexandra Gold

Kitchen Manager & Educator, Jewish Family And Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia



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